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Package specification files (Hypspec)

In order to control your packages state on agents via HMC you need to add for each package Hypspec file.

NOTE: you don’t need it for local development and testing with HDK.

Hypspec is a json file which describes a package for HMC. It should be placed into the package directory and has a name in the following format: <Package Name>-<Package Version>.hypspec. File format is the following:

  "name": "string",
  "ver": "X.X",
  "type": "[probe | esm | lib | scheduled]",
  "environment": {
    "os": [
    "os_ver": {
      "nt": [
        ">= 9600"
    "engine": [
      "[service | sensor | all]"
    "agent_ver": [
      ">= 1.0"
  "src": [
  • name (string) - name of the probe, should be unique across all used packages repositories (this limitation will be fixed in future).
  • ver (string) - string version of the package (e.g. "0.1").
  • type (string) - package type.
  • environment.os (string) - currently only "windows" is supported.
  • environment.os_ver.nt (array) - supported build numbers of Windows.
  • environment.engine (string) - package engine.
  • environment.agent_ver (string) - version of agent where the package works.
  • src (array) - list of package sources.

NOTE: Packages versioning isn’t supported yet. It is currently ignored but it’s better to set "0.1" for all your packages.

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