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Quick Start

General information

  • Hyperionix is a platform for development and deployment of modular OS monitoring and behavior modification packages.
  • The platform gives you an ability to intercept almost all functions on target OS and write custom logic for the hook processing.
  • Packages are small code snippets written on modified and improved version of LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3 and the packages could depend on each other.
  • You can develop test and debug the packages locally. Once ready you can easily tune, deploy and control packages to multiple machines running Hyperionix Agent using Hyperionix Management Console.
  • You can use packages from community driven repositories or create and support your own public or private package repositories.

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Hyperionix Development Kit

Hyperionix Development Kit (HDK) is a toolset for local development and packages testing. More information could be found in the full guide.

NOTE: currently you can’t have HDK and Hyperionix Agent installed on the same machine.


Before you begin make sure you have:

  1. Windows 10 x64
  2. A working e-mail address
  3. git installed


  1. Register at Hyperionix Management Console.
  2. Go to Download on the left menu and download HDK installer.
  3. Install it on your machine.


  • Install HDK.
  • Open powershell and go to the HDK installation path.
    cd $env:ALLUSERSPROFILE\Hyperionix\hdk\
  • Clone packages repository.
    git clone packages/hyperionix/
  • Verify HDK installation.
    .\bin\hdk --hdk-init
    .\bin\hdk --verify all
    .\bin\hdk --run-test all

    Detailed information for hdk utility could be found in the full guide.

You are now ready to write your first package.

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