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Hyperionix Development Kit

HDK is toolset for helping to develop, test and debug packages locally before push it into wildlife. The main part of the toolset is hdk utility which allows to verify packages syntax, run its tests inside itself and even inject packages to the other processes. You can check it in action in first package guide

HDK cheatsheet

Make load-unload of a package.

hdk.exe --verify <package-name>

Run test.lua of a package

hdk.exe --run-test <package-name>

Inject a package into one or multiple processes with same name

hdk.exe --inject <package-name> --process <process-name>

HDK initialization with custom agent name and Splunk address

hdk.exe --hdk-init --agent-name myagent --splunk-addr tcp://

Use custom source based sysapi version instead default one.

hdk.exe ... --sysapi-path <path-to-sysapi-sources>

NOTE: If you fork sysapi library and modified it you can’t install it on your agents. You can only test it in HDK and create PR.

Add a custom packages search path

hdk.exe ... --packages-path <packages-path>

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